Microsoft Online

N-Axis is authorised by Microsoft to provide sales and implementation support for Microsoft Online solutions.

Microsoft BPOS is in essence Microsoft Enterprise services hosted in the cloud and delivered out through a monthly subscription basis as a SaaS model. Microsoft manages, maintains and delivers the services on your behalf.

The pricing for this service is unbeatable and provides end users with key enterprise class services which are standardized in delivery and customizable by the end user which is how Microsoft can ensure uptime and availability.

BPOS is a suite of messaging and collaboration solutions hosted by Microsoft, which provides high availability, granular security and vastly reduced operational costs normally associated with management.

The enterprise services that make up BPOS are:

Exchange Online

When often asked what a business's mission critical application is, one of the workloads highlighted is messaging, how often has your messaging environment gone offline, how complicated is your Exchange Cluster? Exchange Online is rapidly deployed, grown on demand and is secure by design.

Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted enterprise messaging solution based on Microsoft Exchange Server

2007 and provides the following:

  • Improved email security
  • "From-anywhere" access to email for your employees
  • Enhanced operational efficiency for your IT staff
  • 5GB mailbox storage per standard license, configurable up to 25GB per mailbox

Exchange Online leverages our knowledge of Microsoft products, best practices developed with customers and partners and Microsoft's global infrastructure to deliver a world-class, mission-critical service.

SharePoint Online

Office Communications Online

Office Live Meeting

When coupled together provide a cohesive collaboration architecture that delivers enterprise class:

  • Messaging and calendaring
  • Instant messaging
  • Document management
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Presence
  • Web Conferencing

N-Axis Service Offerings

Apart from Initial setup and configuration, N-Axis offers the following services based on volume of work.

  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Development Services
  • Administration Services
  • Support Services
  • Migration Services